Clickin' Dads? Can A Guy Be A Family Photographer? - Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

What made me want to photograph?

It was the birth of my son Noah. I was fascinated and head over heels in love with him. I was never really interested in photography before even though my father was an amazing amateur photographer himself and there were always cameras in the house growing up. I finally for the first time understood my dad's compulsion with always photographing us kids. That first fascination for me grew into an obsession and love for the captured image. When I made the conscious decision that I wanted to live my life and make a living as a photographer I knew I wanted to photograph family is the same way I have done for my own.


But there was always a nagging in the back of my mind. Everything I read about family photography was always female centered, mom centered.

The momtographer.

I was not 100% comfortable with saying I was a family photographer. Could this be how women feel in most (male dominataed) industries? Women frequently feel they have prove their right to be there. By admitting that I was choosing to live my life and make my living as a family photographer made me feel very vulnerable to criticism and judgment. Is it strange that as a man I always carry my camera to the playground to photograph my children in playtime bliss?

I was entering a realm that was largely reserved for moms.

But I knew deep down that this is where I belong.



The idea of photographing a family, a loving family being affectionate with one another or just living their day-to-day lives together and capturing those moments is everything for me. I want to be able to photograph a family in a beautiful and artistic way and show them a completely different vision of themselves. 



The drive I have to photograph the love and relationships between people will never subside.

Each day that passes I am more and more comfortable at identifying with being a pro dadtographer. I know the work I do is very important to not only myself but to the families I work with. 

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